What is living in the moment – can I apply it to business

How can you live in the moment and still work towards a successful future in business? Is this really a concept you should apply to your business? does it work? What is living in the moment?

These are all good questions to ask. We are always taught by the mainstream media and even other entrepreneurs to look to the future. In this article I am going to show you why living in the moment will help you build a successful business and have a future worth seeing.

What is living in the moment?

This is a concept that many philosophers have tried to explain. Probably the best quote about this comes from Buddha

live in the moment

We often hear people tell us to live in the moment but what does it really mean. If you look at the quote above it pretty much tells us “The past is already gone,” we can not affect the past only learn from it. So remember the past but do not live in the past worrying about what you might have done. Remember your mistakes but do not dwell on them. It is easier said than done I know. However, it is imperative to being successful. If you are trapped in the past you can not live in the moment and you can not attain the right mindset for success.

The second part “the future is not yet here.” It is great to have dreams and goals as they help us attain success. But we can not focus on the future. Don’t become the dreamer who never wakes up. In order to make those dreams come true we have to take action in the present. I can dream of being a millionaire but if I do not take steps to accomplish that dream it is just a dream.

“There’s only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment” This is the essence of all life. There is a reason we invented ways to tell time. We need to know what moment we are in. If we don’t worry about the past only learn from it, and we set goals and dreams for the future but don’t worry about them. Instead, we focus on what we need to do in the moment to advance towards those goals and it frees our mind.

How can you live in the moment and still work towards a successful future in business?

make those dreams come true

Business is where this concept really shines. Think about the business model. You are attempting to make a profit off something. So you have to set goals. But if you focus on comparing your current progress to your goals and you are ahead of the game then instinctively you relax which could lead to loses. Vice Versa if you are moving too slowly you try to do too much too fast and you end up hurting yourself. Instead focus on the moment and work towards your goals with an unbiased eye.

You also don’t want to look at your past. If you look back and realize that you were super successful with a certain strategy you may be tempted to revive that strategy but it may not work in the moment. Strategies change over time which is why it is important to stay in the moment and focus on finding what works now not then. You have to move forward and keep things going in the present in order to have success in the future.

So how can we really apply this to our businesses?

what is living in the moment

This concept is applicable to all businesses. I can only speak to my own online business because it is what I know. As an affiliate marketer I need to know what is going to sell today. Not what was popular yesterday or what will be popular tomorrow. Because yesterday no longer exists and tomorrow will never come there is only today. So while I am planning for the future and learning from the past I am only living in the moment.

So, I have decided to focus on the content I am writing today, and the actions I can take today to prepare for tomorrow. What actions can you take today that will help you towards achieving your goals. If you want to become successful in affiliate marketing then you can take action today by reading my review of one of the best affiliate training programs online today.

wealthy affiliate review 2019

If you already have a business that you want to grow then find something that will advance your goals and take action. Do you have a new product to launch? Launch it. Do you need to increase your sales? Run a promotion. The list goes on. You have to keep taking action every day but not focus on the past or future just be aware of them and how you can learn from your past and set goals for your future but focus on living in the present.

Do not worry about your future set goals to accomplish today and your future goals will be accomplished.

We all have dreams for our future and it is good to visualize them. However, instead of focusing in on those dreams let’s set goals today that move us towards those dreams. For example, I would like to one day be financially free making a full time passive income that will allow me to be free to travel the world. In order to accomplish that dream I need to write content that will be helpful to people so that I can rank my site in google and bring people to see my content.

The rest will fall into place if I am patient and write quality content that people will want to read. If you have made it this far then I am obviously writing content that people will read. Now, if I put an offer into posts like this for products or services that I am an affiliate for and people buy that product or service then I am making money and moving closer to my goal. Plus I am doing it by living in the moment and taking one day at a time. It really is that simple.

I really hope this post has opened your eyes. I hope you go out and live in the moment because you will find your life much easier and less stressful. Please feel free to share your experiences and ask any questions you have in the comments below. I will see you in my next article when tomorrow becomes today.

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