What are The Site Comments and Site Feedback Tools for at Wealthy Affiliate?

I have never been this excited to write a post before! I just learned about 2 unique and powerful tools that you get access to on WA Premium. I am going to show you how powerful these tools are.

What helps you get Ranking in Google and other Search Engines?

First of all I wanted to explain briefly what helps you gain rankings in google and other search engines. so that you can better understand how absolutely awesome these tools are. I am going to focus on Google since they get most of the searches mainly because they are the biggest. There are several factors that Google looks at when ranking websites.

  • SEO like keywords and Titles and such
  • Length of Posts and Pages
  • Relevence of Content to Subject
  • Engagement in Content like Social Media Sharing and Comments
  • Readability

Now I am sure there are many other factors but these are the main ones we as website owners can control. I am not really going to go in depth in this post about each of these but I wanted to let you know about a set of tools in Wealthy Affiliate that can help give you a major boost in one of the most difficult of theses categories. As well as provide you valuable insight to work on the others.

As a new website, comments are hard to get

So you’ve just set up your new WordPress website and you have some good content that you know people want to see. So how do you get them to see it? Well you can always share your content on social media. You can also tell friends and family about it and maybe get a few of them to read it, but they really aren’t your target audience. The other way is through search engines.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing all want the same thing and that is for people to use their search engine more often. The reason of course is so that they can get revenue from people clicking adds and such. Well how do they keep people coming back to search. The answer is simple. Put content on the front page that is most relevent to the keyword being searched.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Comments tool comes in super handy. They have developed a pay-it-forwad system to build engagement on your site.

Set up your interests first…

site comments tool

This will let the tool know what interests you and show you posts that are within those interests. This makes things much more organic. Think about it this way. You could probably find a service online that will give you comments for money but these are probably bots or some body that really could care less about your subject so they simply throw up a short comment and it looks terrible to actual visitors. So by structuring it this way you know that after you comment on someone elses work and it comes to be your turn, the tool will send you someone who is actually interested in your content.

Once you set up your interests now you need to start by commenting on someones post

Now that you have interests go ahead and click over to the ‘Offer Comments’ tab and see who is looking for a comment.


site feedback tool

As you see here no one is currently looking for comments but that doesn’t last long. Once there is a post looking for a comment simply click to go to the post it will open in a new tab. Read the post. This is very important because you want your comment to be relevant. Once you have read the post write your comment. When writing your comment don’t just write ‘nice post’ elaborate on something in the post, join the discussion, maybe ask a question. The better quality comment you give the better you will get in return.

The way it is set up you can request 1 comment for every 2 you give.

So now that you have given two comments you can request one for your site. It is pretty self explainatory just pick your site and post check off the type of comment you are looking for and click preview then the submit button appears and you can submit your request.

wealthy affiliate

Once someone comments on your post you can come back here to approve or deny it and reply if you want all in one spot easy as pie.

How does this effect you getting found on search? It is really simple when you get 4 or 5 comments going on a post google sees that people are engaging with your content and they want to send people to your content because it is reaching people and that means satisfied searchers which means more time on Google.

Site Comments Tool is only Available to Premium Members but don’t worry if you sign up for a Free Account and upgrade within the first week you can get your First month for only $19

Don’t Wait take advantage of this incredible tool Today Sign Up Here

So what about the Feedback Tool what does that do for your search rankings? Nothing but it does have a very valuable impact on your site

Have you ever wished you could get someone elses eyes on your site and maybe learn how to improve your content? Look no further. The Site Feedback tool is just that a way for you to help others by giving feedback as well as get others to give you feedback.

Feedback is essential to being successful. We all believe that the things we do are good. We all have biased eyes on our own work. Having someone elses opinion helps us improve. Now do I take everyones opinion and change my site to reflect the changes they want? Nope and niether should you. Take the feedback break it down then look at your site critically in those areas. Some advice may be worth following and may improve your site but something else may hurt your overall vision. My suggestion is get a few opinions look for common themes and act accordingly.

This tool works on the same principle as Site Comments it uses the same interests you review 2 sites to get 1 review for yours.

So are you convinced yet? If not check out my site here for confirmation. You most likely found this post via search no look at my other posts and see the comments I have got. Some come from the comment tool some are from people like you. These tools are incredibly powerful and can help you a great deal if you take advantage.

I will also note that if you can spare a bit of money here and there then you can purchase credits in addition to earning them. Each credit costs .50 but I prefer to earn them because every time I comment on someone elses post I help them and I earn credits towards getting help in return. It is a Win-Win model.

Sign Up for your account Here start your training then once you have your site set up go premium and take full advantage of these powerful tools

I hope this post helped you understand these tools and how valuable they are. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below.

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  1. Rodarrick

    Hello Patrick, site commenting is a powerful tool that wealthy affiliate has perfected in such a way that it appears to be totally helpful and great to improve site activities. I am a big fan of this because it helps to get quality comments that makes SEO much more easier for any internet marketer. Site feedback on the other one helps to know people’s view about the website plus a constructive criticism to help reshape the website

    • Patrick

      Hi Rodarrick,

      Thanks for the comment. The Site Comment tool in full effect here. It is a great tool and all the comments and feedback we get are 100% organic. People leave comments based on their interest not out of being forced to. Which is why it is so helpful to our SEO.

  2. Benson

    Hello Patrick, it’s nice seeing such a wide description of how wealthy affiliate can be helpful in helping you with comments on your site. The idea of starting a site makes me have butterflies and having a good ranking with google is one thing i look forward to. However getting comments from wealthy affiliate is really great because there are site owners who knows the importance of rendering credible comments to a site and would not hesitate to give you a very good comment on your site. Nice post.

    • Patrick

      Thanks for the comment Benson, You are right the people on Wealthy Affiliate are eager to help one another. That is one reason I am still here. I have tried many sites in my day. None of which I have stuck with because no one was willing to help. Now here I am with 3 websites over 20 posts and well on my way to ranking in google. All because of the incredible tools WA gives me to add to my success

  3. R.J.

    Hey Patrick, awesome article. I like SiteComments and SiteFeedback. The problem with SiteComments is that not being able to comment on webpages because there’s hardly none and SIteFeedback, it takes people forever to comment on it. I had trouble getting website feedback when I was first starting out and now that my website has evolved, I’m still having trouble getting sitefeedback but I’m taking it in stride. Awesome job!

    • Patrick

      Keep at it R.J. I know it is hard sometimes getting feedback. It can also be difficult to find sites to comment on. I think the reason is not many people know the power of these tools. That was the reason for this article. I think I may share it with the WA community to maybe bring more people in.

  4. Henderson

    Hello Patrick, it’s nice to meet you. I think that the site commenting platform on wealthy affiliate is nothing but a blessing because with it, I get to offer comments and still get comments in return by earning from that. Like you have said, it is a winwin situation and it helps my website a lot. I have not given the feedback a try before but it is something I will very much like to try. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Patrick

      I find the site feedback very helpful because it allows me the opportunity to get an unbiased opinion of my website and allows me to improve

  5. bella

    Site commenting and feedbacks are just two tools out of the array of exceptional tools that wealthy Affiliate boasts of and I can say truly that they are all awesome. Since the goal of every website is to get recognition from google, site activities is one sure means of getting that and that is exactly what site commanding platform on wealthy affiliate does. Seriously, it is very helpful and also, the site feedback is meant for constructive criticisms to ensure that the website is well suited to taste of a professional website. Thank you

    • Patrick

      Hello Bella,

      Thanks for your comment and you are right there are so many awesome tools available to Wealthy Affiliate members. I am super glad I stuck with it. I have found the training that will take me to my millions.

  6. DreaJay

    The site comment tool is a very important thing to me because I’m just developing my website and I needed to get hands into it. I upgraded to premium on the 2nd day of my 7days free trial because I was satisfied with how it works. I’m now a certified commenter, I reply comments and I can request for comments too. The feedback is very necessary for the upgrade and remodification of your site for better use. The site comment tool is very useful, y’all should check it out. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Patrick

      I too upgraded to premium quickly. The benefits at Wealthy Affiliate make it a no brainer. Comments and Feedback are just 2 of the many useful tools available. 

  7. Jay

    The truth is that the comments on a website do help with ranking but I have come across some posts ranking on the first page of Google that doesn’t have a single comment. Of course, the best explanation to this is that the website has some authority but I have actually seen websites that are a few months old that rank pages on the first page of google with just writing content and SEO. They don’t make use of comments but still rank. Any explanation on that?

    • Patrick

      Hi Jay,

      It is hard to explain the Google Algorithm. My guess is they are getting some high-value backlinks or a good amount of social media exposure. Either that or they are driving traffic to their site using ads. Google takes several factors into account when ranking sites. Comments definitely help but the main focus should be on content quality as I believe that is the number one factor in the algorithm today.

  8. Scott Hinkle

    Thanks for this awesome review/introduction to some powerful tools.

    Comments really are good, especially when it comes to SEO.  It shows engagement and can even offer valuable information/points of view that might not have been addressed in the article itself.  The WA Site Comments tool is a great way to obtain such comments.

    Site Feedback is pretty sweet too.  What better way to expose your creation to a wide range of people and solicit frank opinions on everything from font choices and image selections to theme options and organization/layout?

    I’m actually a me,bear of WA and use both tools for ever post I publish.

    Thanks again,


    • Patrick

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the comment. I use the site comments as much as I can as well. I have only submitted one feedback request so far but I learned a lot from it. 

  9. Travis

    I love this idea! I have a new website myself, and it is like pulling teeth to get my friends and family to look at my website and leave a comment. This way there are many people who are eager to put comments and I can help out others by doing the same. It’s a great system which I am sure has helped many new websites get off the ground!

    • Patrick

      This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate so much. Their goal is to help us succeed and they give us unique tools like Site Comments and Site Feedback to help us do just that. Thanks for the comment my friend. 

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