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Time for my updated Wealthy Affiliate Review. What is Wealthy Affiliate? It is a training program and community to help you build an affiliate website. I first joined in September 2019 and have learned a lot. There have been ups and downs, so let me share with you my honest thoughts.

A Little about me

How to become a Affiliate

Hi, my name is Patrick, now that we have been properly introduced let me tell you a bit about my journey. I started out years ago trying to find a way to make money online. That is probably what you are searching for as well. It isn’t easy to find within all the clusters of scams and crazy claims and hard-to-follow programs that seem to be permeating the internet today.

I searched for years off and on and had zero success. There was always something I was missing, some training or trick that didn’t pan out.

So I started thinking It was all a scam and that the only way you could make money online is to scam others and rope them into some less than informative ‘training program’. Well, that isn’t me I am an honest person and I could never live with myself if that is how I made my fortune. So recently I decided to look again and in Sep 2019 I found Wealthy Affiliate.

After joining and starting the free training I found quite a bit of good training. So, I decided to go ahead and start my premium membership. I haven’t looked back since. Below I will break down the good and the bad. So read on to find out if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

Criteria for a Good Program.

So what makes up a good program that is worth investing time and money in. Well here is my list and how Wealthy Affiliate stacks up. I will cover each of these in detail in the following sections of this review.

  • A Free option to try the product and help decide if it is worth pursuing – ✔
  • Solid training that teaches to anyone and is step by step with no hidden info – ✔
  • Support that actually helps answer questions – ✔
  • A Solid Background and a good reputation – ✔
  • Tools to help you succeed from website design to research and beyond – ✔
  • Incentives and Encouragement – ✔

If the Program is worth investing in then they should have no problem letting you try it for free

I have wasted a lot of money in the past ‘investing’ in programs or e-books that tell you barely anything and leave you trying to figure out the specifics by yourself. They lure you in with all those marked through high prices and tell you it is on sale today for just 49.95. Well, that is not how Wealthy Affiliate operates. One of the main reasons I joined WA is because I could join for FREE and have access to a good portion of their tools to see for myself if it was worth the $49 they charge for membership.

Have you ever been to a gym? Most gyms nowadays will let you have a free workout to decide if you want to buy a membership. That is the way Wealthy Affiliate operates. They even give you access to their live chat for the first 7 days FREE that opens up an opportunity for number 3 on our list Support.

With their FREE membership, you get access to a lot of tools below is a list and keep in mind that this isn’t just a one-month trial you can actually build websites with them and start making money 100% FREE for as long as you want. You do get much more training and tools as a premium member but if you don’t go premium you can still have access to limited features and make it work if that is your desire.

Free Members have access to…

  • 20+ Comprehensive Lessons worth of Training
  • Access to a community of people just like you who can answer questions and provide help
  • Basic Keyword Research Tools
  • 2 FREE Websites to start building an income
  • Complete Website Builder (Siterubix) that makes building your website easy
  • Content Creation tool that helps you build content that converts
  • Personal Mentoring from your own Personal Coach
  • A Generous Affiliate Program

Join Wealthy Affiliate and Set Up Your FREE Account Here!

Here is a breakdown of what you get for free vs premium

wealthy affiliate

As you can see you get a lot for FREE so it is definitely worth setting up an account and trying it for yourself.

Step by Step Training that Doesn’t Hide anything is Essential

I have seen e-books and affiliate websites that offer ‘training’ but one thing I have noticed over the years is most of them don’t give you all the info or they are a wall of useless text or they don’t give you step by step instruction. That is so frustrating for me being a former Ski Instructor if I taught that way my students would never have learned anything. Another thing I have seen a lot is they teach you how to get traffic to your site. However, they forget to teach you how to set up your website or how to write good content.

t is like building a skyscraper on sand without a good foundation everything falls. That is why step-by-step solid training is so essential. So if you are asking the question from earlier “what is Wealthy Affiliate?” One solid answer is that it is the foundation to build your affiliate business on.

Wealthy Affiliate does their training very well. All the training is structured in written form as well as having a video made by the co-founder himself and they have tasks on each lesson for you to complete. So they reach the intellectual learner with fully comprehensive information.

They reach the visual learner with full video lessons. They also reach the Hands-on Learner by giving them tasks to complete. So they have covered all 3 learning styles and then you add the next criteria a full support system where you can ask questions and get answers and everyone can learn how to become an Affiliate.

It is so simple yet so essential to success. Look at this screenshot of the training area you get as a premium member.

wealthy affiliate review

You can have all the information in the world in one place but if you don’t have support where people can ask practical questions and get answers then the info will be useless to a lot of people.

I am a fast learner. I always have been. However, when learning something new I need to be able to ask pointed questions relevant to my understanding of the information in order to fully absorb it and apply it. I am sure many of you reading this today are the same. Many of the programs I have tried have had the first 2 criteria but when it came time to ask questions they were nowhere to be found.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate literally outshines EVERYONE. This is the key ingredient that put them WAY over the top for me. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have not only had personal messages from both Co-Founders but also many of the community. They have a live chat (available for 7 days to free accounts and available forever for premium accounts) and they have a place to ask a question and get answers from the community. Wealthy Affiliate is a true community. Think about it People help each other succeed and Wealthy Affiliate grows and adds even more tools to help you succeed everyone wins.

But wait it doesn’t stop there when you join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member you are assigned a Personal Coach. Whether it is the person who referred you or someone else up to and including the Co-Founders. That person’s job is to provide one on one support throughout your time in Wealthy Affiliate and they respond quickly because they want you to succeed.

That is incredible and unique to Wealthy Affiliate from what I have seen no one provides that level of support and having a Personal Mentor and a Community of like-minded people is essential to your success. Learn More About the Importance of Mentors Here

make money online

When you become a Premium Member then no matter who your Personal Coach is you can always reach out to the Co-Founders whenever you need help. Not to mention the Live Events and the unlimited Live Chat

In order to Trust a Company, I need to see a Solid Background and a Good Reputation

Too many times I have jumped blindly into a flashy sale and not did my research. Those mistakes cost me dearly. Now I am more careful when searching for opportunities. You can never truly tell if the posts on the internet are honest opinions or just an attempt to get you to purchase a product so the writer gets his or her commission. Even now I am sure you are asking yourself if I am biased because I am an Affiliate for the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

That is a valid question so How do you KNOW. Well, first of all, I can assure you I am too honest a person to promote a product I don’t believe in. Secondly, you can look it up all over the internet. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best reputations in the industry and they have been around for 14 years. Are there people who write bad reviews? Of Course but the good reviews are more plentiful than the bad ones.

Also, they don’t just tell you to promote their product. In the training, they encourage you to find your Niche what you want to promote. They also tell you in their Affiliate Bootcamp training which is designed to teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate that you can and should promote other reputable affiliate programs to provide yourself with multiple streams of income.

The honest truth is this. Wealthy Affiliate makes money every month from premium memberships and purchases of domains and other such things but they also distribute that success to their members who are promoting them. It is a Win-Win for them. They make money we make money and everyone is happy. So they operate with the goal of bringing in more premium members then they teach us how to do the same and profits go up for everyone. It is a great business model and one that keeps everyone winning long term

You can have all the Knowledge in the World but if you don’t have the Right Tools you will never succeed

This is another area where Wealthy Affiliate excels. You buy an e-book that tells you how to become an affiliate and you get a ton of knowledge but now you have to find a host for your website, build your website find or buy a keyword research tool and then they find a product to promote and learn to write content to promote it. At Wealthy Affiliate, they not only teach you but they have the tools available to make all that easy.

As a starter member, you can have 2 websites free hosted on their advanced hosting platform plus those websites are made with the WordPress framework one of the best in the world. You can do 30 keyword searches on Jaaxy their integrated keyword research tool. You also have access to their content creator with templates for common pages and posts and a comprehensive grammar and spell check as well as a duplicate content search.

Once you go premium then you have access to 25 websites, more themes for WordPress, unlimited keyword searches, as well as stats and tools within Jaaxy to help you find the best ranking keywords you can. So you have lots of tools at your disposal in one place to help you succeed faster and with less hassle.

I want to succeed but it can be tough sometimes I need incentives and encouragement to keep me on track.

We all want to succeed. We all want to be financially independent. I have yet to meet someone who is satisfied with being poor. The problem we all face is discouragement and procrastination. In order to overcome that and keep moving forward, we need incentives and goals as well as encouragement to get through the rough times when nothing seems to work. Wealthy Affiliate has us covered there as well.

They offer an incentive that if you make 300 sales in a calendar year they will fly you all-expense paid to Las Vegas for a conference.

Sign up for a Premium Account today to start training so you too can take advantage of this offer

As for encouragement well we already covered the best community in the industry part of Wealthy Affiliate so this is tied into that. When you feel discouraged message your mentor or talk to someone else in the community they will help lift you up and keep you on track to meet your goals

FREE Account Access and Absolutely NO RISK to get started!

Well, time to end this review by saying that I truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Affiliate Program in the industry and I will be here for years making money and interacting with its incredible community. The question is what are you waiting for. You can start for FREE and the monthly premium membership is just a drop in the bucket every month at $49 that is less than a single meal for my family. So click the link below set up your account and I will see you on the Wealthy Affiliate Site where you will learn how to be a super successful Affiliate

wealthy affiliate

So if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. I am always checking the site for comments and will respond fairly quickly with answers.

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  1. grea8J

    Patrick, you’re very on point. I asked that question and my answer to that is Yes, you can learn how to be an affiliate marketer. I have started learning. You opened my eyes to see why some bad dudes might have resorted to scamming people online. It may be due to their frustration/failure online.

    Thanks for sharing great tips on how to identify a genuine program online, and yes wealthy affiliate is such a great experience to join.

  2. Henry

    Hi Patrick! I really like the way you convey the message in this post. I have read quite a few other posts about Wealthy Affiliate and they all talk, talk, talk about the huge benefits this platform has. But it’s nice to get to know you and how this program has helped you. I like your honesty. If it has helped you, chances are that it can also help me.

    Working online is one of my goals. And this platform seems to aid us in that goal.

    • Hi Henry,
      I truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate can absolutely help anyone who really wants to make money online as an affiliate. I hope more and more people see this review and take advantage of the awesome training Wealthy Affiliate offers

  3. Carolyn

    That’s good one.  I had same experience struggling how to build the affilate website but the missing pieces of puzzles are somewhere and no one help me or tell me where to find.  I was frustruated until I talked to the WA mentor about it.  He suggested that this WA has free video tutorials.  It takes me time to understand how to create the website on my spare time.  I start to understand little by little.   WA is very helpful and has mentors who can help anyone with it. 

  4. SeunJeremiah

    Your story connects to mine, I was looking for ways to make money online since I lost my previous job and then I found Wealthy Affiliate but I was a little skeptical about joining this platform,  until I finally made a decision few months back, their training is topnotch and the community is always there to help with whatever question there is to ask. It’s been awesome getting lots of knowledge and training from this platform. 

  5. Bonnie

    I love the way you have broken this down.  You give the information of what a new member gets for free and what a premier member gets.  

    What I like the best is that you put yourself into the picture.  What you were looking for and what you wanted as a program to teach you how to become and affiliate and get your stuff on line and how the program works to help a person sell.

    I know one thing, I will never be hooked into a scam again.  After being here on WA there isn’t anyone out there that can hold a candle to them. 

    • Thanks for the comment Bonnie. I am glad you connected with my story in the review. That is always my main goal. I believe a review should be personal it keeps it more honest that way.

  6. Jay

    It’s good to see your wealthy affiliate review because I think that you have written it very well. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for a very long time and I agree with everything you said. The best part is the fact that they let you have a taste of what they offer for free for seven days before deciding to actually go premium. It’s really nice.

    • Patrick


      Thanks for the confirmation mate. I too love the free option. Technically you can remain a free member for life if you choose but why not step up and go premium because you get so much more.

  7. Lucas Moore

    I joined wealthy affiliate about a few weeks after quitting my job and i must say that it is the best thing i did for myself. being a free member gave great opportunities and when i upgraded my membership, it was just so awesome the support system is the best i have encountered so far. thank you very much

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