The Importance of a Mentor and a Community for your Business


Many times we don’t value those around us and their impact on our lives. I am here to tell you that if you want to be successful you need people to help you.

Is a Mentor really necessary to succeed?

Maybe not necessary but it will be a long and hard road without one. I speak from personal experience. I started out thinking I could read a book or take a few lessons and I would be fine. Then I started trying to apply that information and realized quickly that I was doing something wrong. Who could I turn to? The answer of course was noone. I didn’t know anyone who was pursuing online income. In fact most people I knew were telling me that it was all just a scam. I look back now and realize if I had the support that I do now within wealthy affiliate I would prbably be a millionaire.

Mentors or as they are called in wealthy affiliate personal coaches serve as both encouragement and information. Someone to go to when we are stuck and need answers. Someone who cares about our success. Personal connection can not be over stated. They help get you through the rough patches and explain stuff in a way that a training program can’t.

I don’t know anyone so how do I find a mentor?

There are numerous way to connect with a mentor. First off think about your current job. Is there someone there that you go to with questions? Maybe a supervisor or a co-worker. You probably connected with them when you started. Maybe they offered to help and trin you. Maybe they were assigned. Either way they benefit from helping you. Sometimes it is because they enjoy helping others. Other times they feel that helping you means helping the company. Either way the result is the same.

In the online world it can be a bit harder. You can search for influencers in the field and they might help. However, the best way to hook up with a Mentor is by connecting to their network. You join their program and they want to help you because if you make money so don’t they. The best example of this is MLM your ‘mentor’ helps you so that his network can grow and you in turn help those in your downline because they help build your network. I however am not a fan of MLM because the lower you are on that pyramid the less opportunity for success.

I prefer my current method. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. There you are assigned a personal coach when you sign up for your free account and that person is there to help you succeed. This is a great structure because in Affiliate Marketing you have endless opportunities to make money from something and with the right guidence you will get there.

The Next Thing You Need is a Community

I am sure you have heard the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ well the same concept apples to Affiliate Marketing. You are the child and having a community of people who are not only interested in the same thing you are but actively trying to make money online as well. Some of these people have made a few mistakes and will rpobably be willing to help you avoid the same ones.

No other place I have been oin this industry understands that like Wealthy Affiliate does. They have created a vast community and they are all willing to help you succeed. They are there for encouragement, uplifting you, and answering questions. I again go back to the job reference. Your coworkers are probably willing to help you if your mentor is not there. They know helping you helps them or they like helping people. The result is the same they help you do better.

Community is a precious commodity and one that is not present in a lot of online marketing sites.

Why do I believe so much in Wealthy Affiliate? How does this all tie together?

The title of this post is the importance of a mentor and a community for your online business. I know that you could absolutely read training courses from a number of sites and probably make it work. However it would take a long time and you might fail many times before you succeed. This article is meant to show you a better way. I believe in Wealthy Affiliate because they not only give you the tools to succeed but they also provide you a mentor and a community to help you succeed.

I hope that you understand from this article that it is important for you to have a mentor and a community to help you build your online business faster and with less hurdles. Also understand that while I am an Affiliate with the Wealthy Affiliate program my main goal is helping people. That is why I also write articles like this in addition to reviewing affiliate programs I also like to help people learn the things it took me years to realize.

Take what you will from this article. If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate Click This Link. If you want to search for your own mentor I wish you the best of luck and much success. Please don’t try to go it alone as that path is long and rocky.

If you have questions or would like to add a thought or two leave a comment below. I look forward to seeing you out there in cyberspace making money and being happy

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  1. Dave Sweney

    I think having a mentor is particularly helpful with online marketing no matter what market segment you may be pursuing. The type of work the online world offers has many benefits, but for the most part, you spend many hours behind a laptop working, with little interaction with other people.

    It can be easy to slip into a state where you are not that productive or you can lose interest and not get things done. Having a mentor to guide you, to talk with, and to motivate you can really help a lot. This is one reason that I agree with you about the advantages that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

    As someone who is just starting or a seasoned marketer, the active and supportive community will help in this regard. They offer social interaction with like-minded people and mentoring as well. I have found that this combination is very effective for me and for others I have referred to the platform. Great post filled with good advice. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hello Dave,

      You hit the nail on the head, my friend when you said that having a mentor is even more important in an online business environment. It really is very easy to lose interest or get discouraged I am living proof of that. I have been in programs that were 100% legit and I should be a millionaire by now but I got discouraged too quickly because no one was there to really help me stay on track.

  2. Henderson

    The importance of getting a mentor cannot be over emphasised for anyone who is starting off or looking to start off in a business especially online.  I personally think that your tips is really good. I am also a member of wealthy affiliate and I joined and got a mentor. Infact, the whole community is always ready to help anyone who joins. You have a really nice post here. I hope to see some more. Cheers!

  3. Jordan Smith

    Very insightful post! The truth is everyone hits bumps in the road at particular point, no matter how smart, driven or perhaps successful they’ve been so far; and the only way to get through this rough times when the future is hazy, you’re filled with self doubt or when you don’t quite know what you should do is to seek for someone who has being through that face and come out successfully. That’s why mentor-ship is important. Wealthy affiliate has mentored me well, provide me all the resources that made me a successful affiliate marketer that I am today.


    • admin

      Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for commenting. I truly believe that having a mentor and a community helps us fight through tough times and emerge better on the other side. You are living proof of that as am I.

  4. Abayomi

    Excellent article on the importance of a mentor and a community for your online business,am a living witness of this,before I’ve tried many program without having a mentor but was futile at last because mentor is a ladder you climb to achieve a great success,I really appreciate Wealthy Affiliate for the wonderful help and training received in the community,thanks for sharing this helpful post. 

  5. Queen

    I do agree with you, speaking from experience. I have tried to build an online business for a while on my own but I realised it takes more than trial and error to succeed. Like they say ” no man is an island” at some point we do need someone to either look up to or be a mentor, having a community is definitely an added advantage.

    It is impossible to get ahead especially when you have no prior knowledge of what you are getting in to.

    I will very much like to check this Wealthy Affiliate out since it covers my line of business. 

    Thanks for sharing.


    • admin

      Hello Queen,

      Thanks for the Comment. I have had the same experience as you. It is difficult to build a business solo. Even conventional business owners should seek guidence from other business owners to help their business grow. So it is even more important online since it is harder to stay motivated in online business. When I started at Wealthy Affiliate I had some knowledge but since joining I have gained so much more. 

      The community is helpful and encouraging so it is easy to stay on track. I wish you much success and by all means hit me up on WA and if you ever have any questions I would love to help if I can.

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