The 3 Keys to be Successful in Affiliate Marketing

If Affiliate Marketing is so easy why can’t I make it work? How are people making millions while I can barely make a sale? Read on to find out the Answer.

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First a bit of a story

Thanks for visiting today. My name is Patrick Getchell, I wanted to give ya’ll a brief story of my journey. I have been searching for a way to make money online for nearly 10 years. I started out with affiliate marketing way back and it did not work out so well for me. I ended up spending hundreds on google ads with very little results. I then moved to an MLM model with no success and recently I have been back on the affiliate train because it has the power to skyrocket me to making a lot of money.

So as you can see I have made some huge mistakes and now I am correcting them and I have finally figured out the recipe for success and while I may not be eating my cake yet I know I will soon.

So without further adoo Key 1: Training

The first key to success in affiliate marketing is training. As with anything you need to learn how to do it properly. Affiliate Marketing is more than just grabing a link and posting it hoping for sales. There is so much more to it than that. In order to really make a scalable income from affiliate marketing you need a few things.

  • A website
  • a niche
  • knowledge of how to write content that converts

That is just the basics. You need a website in order to open up the most powerful source of free traffic that will allow you to make money almost on autopilot down the road. That traffic is Search Engines. More on that later. You need a niche because you want to become an authority in a certain category of products. I chose to make my niche ‘Making Money Online’ this is a big market which I am targeting people like you who want to earn a living online. You can target just about anything from crafts to pets to office supplies there are affiliate programs for just about anything these days. As for the last thing knowedge of how to write content that converts that is where the trining really comes in. Anyone can grab a domain and pop up a wordpress site. Anyone can write articles about things they enjoy, but writing content that makes people want to buy the product you are marketing is a whole different animal.

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once you find some good training you can then move on to key 2…

Key 2: Persistance & Focus

This is where I waivered many times. I expected results from very little work. That is not how you build a successful business. Think of this for a minute. If you were to start a brick and mortart retail store would you expect to have thousands of cutomers your first day…I hope not or you would be dissapointed. It takes persistance and focus to build a customer base. It is the same online. Can you get some immediate results? Absolutely you can but you will have to put in the work. The first thing you need to do is build a website and start filling it with content. You need to build foundation for your business and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Put up some social media posts, get your site indexed in google and other search engines, learn all you can about writing content and apply it. All of these things take time and lots of work. Your probably thinking to yourself “Affiliate Marketing is supposed to be passive income why do I need to work at it so hard?” Well if you want a full time passive income down the road you need to put in the work now to make it happen. I will explain more on that in the next key.

Key 3: Patience

This my friends is the final key and probably the one we all have issues with. This is the reason I am not a millionaire right now. Lets look at how you make recurring monthly income and see why patience is so important.

Let’s say you have chosen the ‘make money online’ niche like me. You start out reviewing your favorite make money online site mine happens to be Wealthy Affiliate. Lets say you have taken my advice and you have writen reviews of other products and a few articles like this one. So you write 2 or 3 posts a week. In my experience it takes at least a few months to get ranked in google. So lets crunch some numbers.

You write 3 articles a week for 12 weeks now you have 36 articles on your site. Lets say your average commision per sale is $20. That is being conservative. Ok so you rank for 1 or 2 keywords per article and each one sends you 30 visitors a month so by month 3 you should be getting 36*30=1080 clicks per month. Not bad right… Well now imagine 10% of them click through to your affilate links and and 10% of those make a purchase. 108 people click through and 11 people make a purchase 11*20=$220.00 in commissions for that month

That took 12 weeks to accomplish so not great right? Well now you are faced with the choice be patient or forget about it and try something else. Well let’s see what heppens if we are patient for another 12 weeks

24 weeks * 3 articles per week = 72 articles

1 keyword ranked per article 30 clicks per month * 72 articles = 2160 clicks

10% click through = 216 clicks

10% convert = 22 sales

22 sales * $20 per sale = $440 per month

Still not the full time income we are looking for but it is doubled what it was at 12 weeks. So what happens if you really apply that persistance and focus and write 5 articles per week for 6 months

24 weeks * 5 articles per week = 120 articles

1 keyword ranked per article 30 clicks per month * 120 articles = 3600 clicks

10% click through = 360 clicks

10% convert = 36 sales

36 sales * $20 per sale = $720 per month

Getting closer but still not full time. Well lets flesh that out for 1 year and then I will show you some much more interesting numbers.

52 weeks * 5 articles per week = 260

1 keyword ranked per article 30 clicks per month * 260 articles = 7800 clicks

10% click through = 780 clicks

10% convert = 78 sales

78 sales * $20 per sale = $1560 per month

ok so you can see how patience is rewarded but what if those payments were recurring.

So with Wealthy Affiliate for example it is a recurring subscription so that adds a whole new dimension to the equation so if you start making sales at say the 3 month mark and you start getting recurring subscription payments. At 3 months it might look a bit like this

12 weeks * 5 articles per week = 60 articles

1 keyword ranked per article 30 clicks per month * 60 articles = 1800 clicks

10% click through = 180 clicks

10% convert = 18 new sales

18 sales * $20 per sale = $360 per month

Now here is where it gets exciting let’s say your retention rate is just 50% so every month you get 18 new sales and you keep 9 from the previous month so check this breakdown out

18 + 9 = 27 * 20 = $540 for month 4

27 + 13 = 40 * 20 = $800 for month 5

40 + 20 = 60 * 20 = $1200 for month 6

and that is if you don’t write any more articles after month 3. As you write more articles and build your websites authority then you will start to rank higher and with more than 1 keyword per article and things get really crazy. Let’s say you write 1 article per day and point them all to your affilate link and you rank for an average of 2 keywords per article within the first year. At the 1 year mark you will have

360 Articles * 2 Keywords = 720 keywords sending you 30 clicks per month = 21,600 clicks per month

10% click trough = 2,160 clicks

10% convert = 216 new sales

216 * 20 = 4,320 New Sales Alone Now you have retention

216 + 108 = 324 commisions the next month * $20 = 6,480

and that isn’t even counting the retention from the months before. The numbers can get really staggering. Plus with the training you take in creating high converting content your conversion rate will be higher. Especially since people find you because they are searching for the content you are writing let’s say you convert 30% to click through and 15% of those buy this is the result

360 Articles * 2 Keywords = 720 keywords sending you 30 clicks per month = 21,600 clicks per month

30% click trough = 6,480 clicks

15% buy = 917 new sales

917 * 20 = 19,440 New Sales Alone Now you have retention and lets say that drops to 25% of the people stay for another month

917 + 229 = 1,146 commisions the next month * $20 = 22,920

This is all a base model so you can see your potential over time

I am not going to sit here and tell you that everyone is going to get these results but it is definately possible. If you learn, remain persistant and focused and above all be patient. The truth is that time is the biggest factor in affiliate marketing. And honestly if you spend a couple hours a day writing out a good article and posting to social media for another hour then answer any questions your referals have you may spend 4 hours a day working the rest is all done for you. 4 * 7 = 28 hours per week 120 hours per month for a payout of even the conservative figure of 6,480 per month that is an hourly wage of $54 per hour.

Also as you progress you may want to try another niche as well so you start a second site and that one gives similar results without the recurring subscription you still make 4,320 extra for that site. The potential is unlimited if you keep working and don’t get discouraged. The light at the end of the tunnel will be bright indeed

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I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know below


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