Nobody Else Can Determine Your reality ONLY YOU Have That Power

Think about who you are today. How much of that is because of something someone else told you to be? Why let someone else have that power?

believe in yourself

You MUST believe it for it to be true.

Has anyone ever told you that you were worthless? Did you believe it? This is the essence of how other people try to affect your reality. I fell victim to this way too often growing up. I was not a popular kid. Bullies were always a problem for me. They would call me names, and insult me, and I started to fall further and further into their trap. It wasn’t until I got into high school that I had enough. I started to ignore them and listened to my parents who always told me I was a good person and I could do anything. Soon I started to change my way of thinking.

Fast forward many years and I finally learned the most powerful lesson of my life.

determine your own reality


I am sure you have heard the old saying ‘Sticks and Stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me’, Nowadays we get the opposite view. That words can do more damage to us than physical pain. Well they are both true. Think about my earlier story. Have you ever been bullied? Those words hurt right? Of course they do but only if you allow it and that is where this article comes in.

How do you take back the power to control your own reality?

Well the first step is to understand who you really are. No matter what you have been through or how tough life is you are a good person who deserves success and happiness. That is who you are because that is who we all are. There is no genetic predispositions that magically make us good or bad. Noone is supposed to be a failure. You can achieve anything you want if you use your power and change your reality.

Now think about this. What do you think would have happened if people like Steve Jobs had listened to people who told him that he could never make it from his garage to a multi billion dollar company. Or what if Ben Franklin had listened to the people who said he was crazy that electricity was just a foolish idea. We would be in a much different world today.

So why is it that we keep listening to these people who tell us we can’t be successful? The most common reason is we value their opinion. Whether they are a parent or spouse or just a friend. It is fine to value others opinions but when they are negetive and they limit us we need to let it go in one ear and out the other.

Be an example not a victim

be an example

We need to decide to move forward and accomplish our success. We can’t fall victim to the negetivity around us. In todays world everything trys to tell us that we have to have special gifts to do anything. John he is a talented doctor, or Amy is only good at being a receptionist. Well what if John wants to design computer games, and Amy wants to be a doctor. Everything in life can be learned. With the proper motivation and training anyone can do anything. Don’t limit yourself to what others believe you can do. Do whatever YOU want to do. Then when your friends and family see you succeed they will want to know how you did it. You go from being a victim of negetivity to being an example to help them become better.

I have been there many times and I am never going back

Throughout my life I have had many times when I have succumed to the negetivity. I used to believe that I could never be an executive in a company. Now I am the Operations Manager for a company. I used to believe that I could never own my own home, now I am very close to owning my own home. I used to believe that making money online was all a scam, now I am starting to see results and I know that I will be successful soon.

It is all about me and what I believe is true. People still tell me I can’t do it. I just don’t believe them anymore. I can do anything I commit to and follow through on.

So if you are ready to take back control of your own reality. Then just do it. Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything. If you want to check out some more of my motivation check out This Category.

Please feel free to leave your comments below telling your story. Ask any questions you have. I promise I will answer.

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  1. Michel

    It can really have a detrimental effect on your life for years if you are bullied as a child, and I know as I used to be terrified of certain people at school and would avoid them at all costs. They made my school years a nightmare, and eventually, you start to believe what they are saying about you.

    Well done for doing so well in spite of everything you experienced at school. What tips do you have for a child who is being bullied to feel better about himself? I think as an adult looking back it is easier to put it into perspective and move on, but as a child, it is much more difficult.

    • Patrick

      The best advice I can give anyone is to stop listening. By that I mean you need to know who you are as a person and stop listening to what bullies tell you. It is very hard to accomplish but I learned very early on to stay positive. Something that helps me even to this day is to make a list of things that I like about myself. And post them where I can see them so if someone is trying to get me down I simply look at that list and remember who I am. 

      The problem is that negetivity doesn’t go away there will always be those people trying to tell you that you can’t do this or you aren’t good enough for that. So whether you are 10 or 50 the fact remains that you have to tell yourself who you are. Don’t give anyone that power. We are all good people with many good qualities we just need to learn to see them and NEVER let anyone tell us differently

  2. Jay

    This is not bad at all and I think I have to go all the way to agree with you that when we are able to stand up high and live out lives in our own hands, then can we become the real pilots of our lives. It’s a really good thing that you can tell us about how you grew up and how you were able to overcome everything. Nobody has the power to affect u with their words except we ourselves let them do it.

    • Patrick

      One of the best pieces of advice I ever got is the phrase “You are the ONLY one who can determine your reality” This is what helped me really start turning my life around. I hope this article helps others in the same way. The brain is a powerful tool and if we use its power to our advantage then nothing will ever get in the way of our success

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