My Thoughts on Kevin David Amazon FBA Program

Kevin David seems to be taking the internet by storm. From Facebook to Shopify to Amazon. In this article, I give my thoughts on Kevin David Amazon FBA Program. I will also reveal a secret that will help you understand how to be successful in your own business. Whether or not you choose to join with Kevin David.

What is Amazon FBA?

amazon fba program


I guess this is a good starting point. In short, FBA stands for fulfillment by amazon. Basically, you buy products and have them shipped to an Amazon warehouse then every time someone makes a purchase of one of your products Amazon sends it out for you. This is very convenient as it gives you the option of going 100% hands-off except for marketing.

This is much better than drop shipping as you still have to manage some type of transactions in order to keep dropshipping running smooth.

amazon fbaWhat are the drawbacks to Amazon FBA?

The main drawback is the necessity of buying inventory. You can start small and build up but it takes time. This makes Amazon FBA a little more expensive than say Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping. The other drawback for me is that you really have to do a good bit of market research first because you want to make sure you are buying a product that will actually sell.

Buying a bunch of inventory that doesn’t sell will kill your business really fast. In the long run, it is probably best to do a fair bit of research into the products and then start with a few to see how they sell then commit to more.

Where does Kevin David come in?

Kevin David offers training that will shorten the learning curve when it comes to being successful as an Amazon FBA Seller. He has created a Facebook group as well as compiled tools that will help you get started making a profit quicker and simpler. Think of it this way.

When you start a new job you usually receive training for that job. Think of Kevin as your trainer. He is there to help you succeed. Make no mistake though he is also in it to make money as well. Know that going in. It isn’t a bad thing. It is just a fact. He is like you in that he is doing this to make money. I will touch more on this later when I reveal a secret that will help you make money regardless if you join Kevin David’s program or not.

What do you get and how much do you have to pay?

What you get is extensive training both video and written. He offers many “bonuses” as well. You also get full access to the Amazon FBA Ninja group on facebook. You get access to discounts on the tools that you need to research and market your products.

In your Free training video you get introduced to the methods Kevin Uses to make money on Amazon FBA. You also get the web links for the tools. You don’t get the discounted rate but you should be able to still get access to the tools for a decent enough price to get your feet wet so to speak.

As for the cost. You can get the whole program for $1,997. Does this seem steep to you? Well, it really is. I will however grant that for all that you get it is worth it. If it gives you the results as advertised. Personally I can not afford this investment. If I could however I think that I would. Mainly because I feel that it would be a small price to pay for the success that Kevin David promises. I also know that something that costs so much is bound to have a wealth of information.

My Thoughts…

So what are my thoughts on Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Program? Honestly, it sounds like a solid purchase if you believe it can do what he says it does. I will leave that determination up to you. Watch his free training webinar and determine then if you think that everything he promises is real. If it is then by all means sign up.

Remember a few things though. The websites he gives in the free training have a cost but they aren’t $2,000 so you may be able to use the free training to raise the money to pay for the full training.

kevin david

I also would be remiss if I did not point out that Kevin’s major finances come from a few different things. #1 all of his training comes with a free “funnel” this funnel is set up on click funnels which requires you to sign up to use that funnel. After the free trial, you have to pay to stay on click funnels which pays a commission to Kevin.

Also, each of those sites up above pays him a commission. Not to mention ebooks and videos cost next to nothing to create making nearly all of the $2,000 he makes off each sale is profit. He also makes money presumably from his own amazon fba business.

That brings us to my secret…

So I mentioned above that I was going to tell you a secret that will help you in your own online business whether or not you join Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Program. Well, here it is… Multiple Streams of Income. Look at everyone who has ever been super successful in online money-making. They all have multiple streams of income.

bloggers combine ads with affiliate links and even their own products to give them multiple incomes. Kevin David does the same combining affiliate marketing with his own products as well as a youtube channel and probably ads on his site.

So how do you tie this into your online business? Simple, don’t focus too hard on one thing. Use multiple methods and earn much more money. I myself make income from this blog with ads and affiliate links. I don’t have my own products yet but I will.

So you need to find your own path to making money. If that means investing in the Amazon FBA Program then do it. But don’t limit yourself. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE to learn how to use affiliate marketing and ads to generate more streams of income. If you have any questions please leave them below and I will answer them as best I can.

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  1. Benny

    hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. i have always searched for ways to improve myself and use it to earn online. i am glad i found wealthy affiliate. it is one of the best things that has happened to me

    • Patrick

      Thanks Benny,

      I too am extremely happy to have found Wealthy Affiliate. I tried a lot of Affiliate Training before and nothing ever happened. Now I have this site online and getting over 1,000 impressions on google search all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t wait to see what comes next for me and for you as well

  2. shrey

    From my past experiences, I know that affiliate programs and Amazon FBA both work, however, it is important on which program you invest. This one is pretty expensive, there are so many free online trainings for Amazon FBA that people could access for FREE so I do not see any point in investing in this opportuity.

    • Patrick

      Thank You for your Thoughts Shrey,

      I agree that there is a lot of free training online for Amazon FBA and Affiliate Marketing both. I do believe there are advantages to structured trainings such as Kevin Davids and Wealthy Affiliate. The main one being access to a community and mentors. Read my Article The Importance of a Mentor and a Community for your Business I give more insight into why I feel that communities and mentors are important. To me that is why I would pay for a training program like this when I could probably get the same info for free by searching google.

  3. shariful islam

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I like the idea of ​​the Amazon FBA program.Because it’s a concept much better than dropshipping, to do dropshipping beautifully, you have to manage a lot of transactions and that’s very difficult.In this case the Amazon FBA idea is very easy to ship it to the Amazon warehouse every time they send the product to Amazon again.The idea has seemed very simple to me.And of course I would get acquainted with the Kevin Eugene Amazon Method for making money on the FBA by watching the training videos.And I hope I succeed in making money on it.

    • Patrick

      Thanks Shariful, 

      I am glad you found my article helpful. Yes FBA is so much easier of a concept than dropshipping. The only drawback is the need for upfront money. However if you are able to make that upfront investment you have a business that can be mostly hands off

  4. Shanta Rahman

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .About Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Program I have learned some secrets that have helped my business succeed. However, the Amazon FBA drawback is the need to buy .Which makes the Amazon FBA more expensive .So I’m currently doing affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate and I’m a successful affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate has given me many tutorial videos to help me learn Affiliate Marketing as well as take my website to a better level. And I think online is the best way to make money at home .

    Lastly, I hope that through your article, everyone will know about Kevin David’s Amazon FBA program and will share with you their success with Premium Membership from Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Patrick

      Thanks for sharing Shanta,

      I too am enjoying success with Wealthy Affiliate and am glad for it. I enjoy doing these reviews as it helps people to find the best fit for them. Whether that be Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Program or Wealthy Affiliate or Something else inspired by both. 

  5. MrBiizy

    I have known Amazon FBA for some time now but I never really knew what FBA means and I didn’t bother to know; good to know what it means. Well, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Kelvin David’s Amazon FBA Program. I have heard these similar thoughts too. I am very sure this program will deliver and it’s well worth the money that would be spent. However,not everyone (including me) can afford this right now as it also involves several expenses monthly too. Your alternative looks really good to check out.

    • Patrick

      Thank You for your thoughts. I beleive that having information on several options s essential so people can find what best fits them.

  6. Tashibaarzu

    I have enjoyed your article so much. Thanks for the educative and informative article. 

    From your review, I have learned about Kevin David’s Amazon FBA program. Your review is full of new thoughts. It is a great place to income money. I was searching for new ways of earning money. By reading your article I have learned a lot of things. I have made the mindset to engage me like these kinds of work.

    Thank you again for the post. Your post is helpful for freelancers. So I will share the post with my friends. 

    • Patrick

      I am glad that you learned something from this article my main goal with this site is to educate people and show them the options. I am glad to know it is working. Let me know if you have any questions I am always available to help

  7. Gigi

    Hey Patrick, This is an interesting article. I have heard of FBA but haven’t had a chance to look too much into it. Have you come across any reviews of Kevin David’s Program? There are many programs that cost a lot but don’t provide value for money so it would be interesting to see what other people who have purchased the program, have to say about it. Do you have any other information about FBA in general or other programs that could be useful?

    • Patrick

      Hello Gigi,

      I have read a few reviews of Kevin David’s FBA Program. Some good and Some bad. Like so many other programs it is hard to determine which reviews are authentic and which ones are an attempt to entice clicks. Even bad reviews are sometimes written as a kind of reverse psychology. One of the reasons I added the last section is to help people understand how things work a bit more. My honest opinion though is that I am not sure if I would purchase this program even if I had the money because I could use that 2,000 dollars in better ways promoting my current business. I could also safely say that if down the road I wanted to get into the Amazon FBA scene I would probably choose this program over others because he offers a Facebook Community which is something I value highly

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