Make Money Online from Home – Anyone can Learn How!

Can YOU learn how to Make Money Online from Home? Is it true that ANYONE can learn? I am about to answer those very questions. So read on and find out.

Have you seen all those Programs claiming that absolutely anyone can make money online from home with No experience needed?

I have probably bought or looked into a wide range of those systems. I have spent a good portion of the last 10 years searching for the right way to do it. The right system, the right ‘secret’ I got discouraged many times because it seemed that in order to make it work I would have to compromise my morals and create my own ‘system’ to sell to people. Well I finally found a website that made me realize that the fault was mine.

What does it really take to Make Money Online?

Ok so joe schmo from idaho says that selling on amazon is the way to go, but jimmy boo in canada says no you gotta build a blog. Jane in New York says become an affiliate and Rachael in Texas say just build a shopify drop ship store. Who is right? The Answer is simple they all are right. Every one of those methods are 100% legit ways to make money online from home. They each require different methods to make them work and you CAN learn any and all of them with the proper training.

But what if you don’t know how to build a blog or start selling on amazon or where to find affiliate programs to promote. What is Drop shipping anyway.

Welcome to the club… There isn’t a single person ever who started out knowing exactly what to do. Most who started back in the day learned through trial and error. Some had training. Some had a mentor. But they all had to learn somehow. This brings us back around to my main point. Can ANYONE learn how to make money with these methods. The answer is Anyone CAN learn but not Everyone WILL learn. This distinction really got me the first time I realized it.

Let me explain. Let’s say someone gave everyone in the world access to a full training course on Affiliate Marketing. One with Videos text and practical tasks to complete step by step anyone could use that course to learn how to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer. However not everyone who is given that course would make money. The reasons are simple some people don’t want to even try others lose interest and some just tell themselves it is a scam to take their money.

So you see there is a difference between being able to learn and actually learning.

We are all unique. We have unique interests and learning something new can be scary. Also it doesn’t help when people make wild claims like ‘Make $10,000 in your first 30 days’ that is an exagerated claim that is unrealistic in every way. Could you end up making $10,000 in 30 days absolutely but the likelyhood is very small. We need to be more realistic. If you asked a carpenter to build you a milion dollar mansion in 30 days he would probably laugh really hard before telling you your nuts. However if you asked him to build that same house in 6 months he would probably think that was more realistic. The same priciple applies to making money online from home. It takes time and lots of work.

I am sure you have heard the term Passive Income before. People use this term to try to rope people in a lot. I have seen this so many times and honestly Passive Income is a real thing the true meaning of Passive Income is having income that comes in on a recurring basis with or without the need to constantly work to recieve it. What it does not mean is that you can magically create a website and sit back and let the money roll in. Think about this for a second there are machines in almost every factory in the world that mak everything we use and most are almost fully automated. However before those machines started doing what they do someone had to build them first. Plus there are still workers who mintain those machines and there are still workers that are involved in certain parts of the production. Think of Passive Income the same way. You have to build the machine first and you have to maintain it in order for it to keep working.

Now you have a better idea of what holds people back from making money from home

Let’s talk about how we can fix this and actually remove that block that stops us from pursuing whatever opportunity we want to pursue. First let’s cal it what it is Building an Online BUSINESS. That is right it is a business and businesses take work and time to build. So, start training your mind right now to expect that. If you don’t expect immediate results then it will stop you from getting discouraged and you can approach it with a better mindset.

I am going to give you a perfect example. I have been around and seen many different systems designed to help people make money online. So why am I still struggling to get a business going? Well before I joined the training program I am currently using (More on that later) I was alwys looking for immediate results. I was trying for a big infusion of money right off the bat and as a result I spent hundreds of dollars on facebook ads and ppc advertising on google and bing which is fine those things can help and I made a couple sales. I did not however have very good converting content so my conversion rate was horrible and I lost money. Now if I had done what I am doing right now which is building engaging (I hope) content and making a solid foundation then things would have been different.

A House Built on Steel!

I am sure you have heard the old saying if you build a house on sand it will fall but if you build a house on rock it will stand. I am going one step further and building my house on steel. That way I know it will stand up to the worst. I know we have gone off the main topic here but not really because the main question is Can YOU learn how to make money online from home. If you have followed my very long winded explanation then you will understand that the main reason people feel they can’t learn is because they expect an easy solution. The other reason is they feel that it has to be too good to be true so they pretty much look for the ‘catch’ I know because for the longest time that was me

Recently I reviewed a Program that I have found Gives me all the tools I need to build my ‘house’ and they also provide workers to help me build it. A community of people just like me that I can access whnever I have a question.

There is no grandeous claims of imediate money just a training program that will help me build my foundation and build an income slowly until I finally achieve that massive success that I know I can.

Check out my Review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE!

I hope you have been encouraged by this post and please read the review and maybe sign up for a free account at wealthy affiliate so that you too can start building that foundation of steel for your business. I would love to hear your thoughts on this post in the comments below or when you join WA just drop me a line on my profile and say hi. I will do anything I can to help you get started.

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  1. Hanness

    I discovered that online business has grown  a lot nowadays and it’s becoming really nice how people are taking advantage of what they have online, I learned about online businesses when most of them were still not so accessible to everyone, but the people of this generation are very lucky to have such a privilege.

    • Patrick

      We are definately lucky in that we have more accessable options. We are also not so lucky because there are so many scams out there too. It creates different problems and makes it hard to find the right help

  2. Lucas Moore

    We all need to understand that life itself is a process and it grows in stages. that is the reason why we need to learn how to do what we want to do. i joined wealthy affiliate and it gave me the opportunity to earn while i learn more. everything was taught to me from the scratch. thank you

    • Patrick

      Wealthy Affiliate is still my number one pick because of the training available and the community. You are right you can start earning while still learning and that helps you continue to grow.

  3. LineCowley

    There are so many programs being advertised with unrealistic promises of get rich quick. Your post is very informative and realistic in terms of what it entails to make money online. You are so right, we can all be given the same tools, and some will grab the opportunity and learn, while others will not start or give up at the first stumbling block. 

    A business, and a house, takes time and effort to build and I love that you are building yours on steel foundations. 

    • Patrick

      You are right there are way too many programs that promise the moon and deliver a small moon rock instead. Making money online is the same as making money in a brick and mortar business it takes time and hard work. But once you reach the end goal you can reap the rewards

  4. Md. Asraful Islam

    What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about make Money Online from Home and gave me a new system to approach wealthy affiliate…From my real experience, if you want to make money online, you must join the Wealthy Affiliate platform and work with training.And I have been successfully working on this Wealthy platform. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Patrick

      Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the article. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to launch an online business. The training and tools are awesome. There is other training out there too that compliment wealthy affiliate. 

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