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Too many people have false motivations. Some don’t even have any motivation. A lot don’t know how to be successful in life. I want to help them all. In this article I will use my own story to show you how to find the right motivation and by extension become successful in life.

What is false motivation?

how can there be such a thing as false motivation? Isn’t any motivation going to help you be successful? The answer is yes false motivation exists well at least that is what I call it and I will explain why. To answer the second question no the wrong motvation can actually hinder you acheiving success.

Let’s address false motivation by first telling you a story. My story to be exact. I have told much of my personal story on this blog in other articles. I have been looking for my success for years without ever knowing why. I knew I wanted to be successful but I never pursued it for very long. I would always settle for partial success. Recently I realized why. I had false motivations. I was always thinking that I wanted to be successful for a better life. That was a false motivation. Please bare with me and I will explain why. More recently I was looking for success in life so I could stop feeling depressed and stressed all the time. Again false motivation.

Before I continue let me define False Motivation

False Motivation is any motivation that can be achieved without meeting your end goal.

Confusing? Maybe but let me go further. So my original motivation was to have a better life. Well that is easy any minor improvement in my life makes it better so mission accomplished now I can stop working so hard… You see where this is going. Later I thought I wanted to be successful to stop being depressed and stressed. Again that is easy improve my life a little and now I’m not stressed as much anymore. Again, mission accomplished time to back off. I also quickly realized that in order to be successful I FIRST had to be less depressed and stressed r else that would hinder me actually moving forward.

As you can see the reason these are false motivations is because they can easily be achieved. Something a friend once told me comes to mind here.

“If you are not striving to be better than you never will be.”

This one hit home. So how do you find real motivation? Simple set specific end goals based on what you want most from your success. Do you want a certain car? Do you want to go somewhere specific? Have you always wanted to live in a bigger house? These are all end goals and are much better motivators than simple wanting “a better life”. You have to have an end goal in mind that will keep you moving forward and up no matter what.


where to find motivation

How do you find your motivation?

To answer this question you need to ask yourself another question. How do YOU define successful. This is perhaps the most important question to ask. For some success means a Mansion with lots of vacations and just enjoying life all day. For others success simply means having a good job with a decent house and a family. For some success is just simply getting your dream job and working 7 days a week doing something you love. You are the only one who knows what success means to you. For me success means having enough passive income to be able to spend all my time on my hobbies and take nice trips to fun places.

Now dig deep and find out what success means to you. Once you know what you want then finding the motivation to get there will be easy.

Ok, so now you know what success means to you. What is your core motivation to achieve it? To answer this you need to look at why you chose that definition of success. Let’s go back to me for the example. I love reptiles. I have quite a collection already and I want to expand it. The trouble is finding a career or business that is working with reptiles is hit or miss and not steady at all so in order for me to spend my time with my animals and maybe even educating others about reptiles I need a sizeable income. That income has to be passive as spending 40+ hours a week at work and taking care of a large collection of reptiles while still having time for my family doesn’t work. I also want to go to places like disney world and universal studios. I would love to travel to europe as well. So my main motivation is my love for reptiles and my desire to travel wherever and whenever I want.

This is a lofty goal and one I will not achieve unless I attain complete financial freedom. So this blog as well as my other sites are my focus. It is easier now for me to focus on these articles knowing each one is another step closer to my end goal. You have to find the same thing in you. What is the main reason you want the success you chose. How will you use that to keep yourself motivated to the end.


be successful

Never try to achieve someone elses success or you will fail every time.

This is the final point I want to touch on today. We all see those videos of the successful people and what they have. Do NOT make the mistake of using someone else to gauge your success. What makes them happy might not be the same for you. I know plenty of successful people who don’t live in a mansion with ten cars. They found their happiness in what they have and that makes them successful. Success is not measured by how much stuff you own or how much money you have but by what makes you happiest.

I guess that about covers what I wanted to talk about. Remember comments are always appreciated and I always read them and respond if I can. If you feel like making money passively online is the key to your success check out my reviews HERE

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