Do you want to learn how to make money online for free?

Is it possible to learn how to make money online for free? What is the catch? I will answer these questions for you today. Read on it is worth your time.

First, you need to understand how you can make money online.

make money online free

There are several different ways to make money online. I will list the ones I know.

  • Make Youtube Videos – you can monetize through ads when you reach 10k subscribers and 40k hours of watch time
  • Write a blog – You can monetize through ads and can make a good amount if you can get a lot of traffic
  • E-Commerce/Dropshipping – if you have a product to sell you can sell it online or you can dropship
  • Affiliate Marketing – You drive traffic to other peoples products and they pay you a commission

These are the main ones I know about and the ones I will talk about today. So can you use these methods to make money online for free? Absolutely. However, there is a catch and I will share it below. Don’t worry it isn’t a scam type catch. Keep reading I promise it will be clear by the end.

The main component to making money online

Okay, so all of these methods can be executed 100% free. Let’s look at what the main component for making money online is and I will tie that into how to do it for free. So what is the main component? The main component is traffic. Without people seeing your product or subscribing to youtube or reading your blog you can make money. Traffic is essential and the more traffic the more money you make. So can you get traffic for free. Yes, you can but it takes a lot of work. Let me outline below what I mean by that and you can determine for yourself if it is something you can do.

Generating Traffic for Free is Challenging

So, you know you can generate traffic for free. However, it is challenging. If you choose youtube then there are several videos on youtube to

teach you about getting views. The problem is it isn’t as learn to make money onlineeasy as they make it sound, but it is doable 100% free. As for the rest of the money-making ideas traffic will come mainly from search engines and social media. This is where it gets challenging.

Let’s say you are writing a blog and you are doing it for free no PPC ads, no facebook ads just organic traffic. Start with social media. Make sure you have an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and post daily. Build a following and you can get some traffic from there. The next step is to tackle Google.

Getting ranked on Google takes time and good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You will need to do keyword research and then build content that targets keywords but doesn’t stuff keywords. Write organic content don’t try to put your keyword or phrase in every paragraph. Like this article which is targeting the keyword ‘how to make money online for free’ but you see I used it in the title and the first paragraph and that was it. Other than mentioning it just now for reference. That is only step one.

In order to get noticed by Google, you need to be patient and consistent

Make sure you are writing content regularly and posting each article on social media. To learn more about SEO check out THIS BOOK


make money

Remember SEO takes a while to really build authority so you have to keep publishing content and be patient. This is where a lot of Affiliate Marketers fail. They want easy instant results and so they shell out hundreds of dollars on ads and get hardly any response. Then they give up thinking they had failed. I know because that was me. Now I am being patient and building my business foundation and waiting patiently for the search engines to do their job.

There is a lot that goes into SEO. Look at the visual to the left. Building your website to optimize SEO is the key to success. You can find a lot of free advice out there on how to do that. I am currently learning a lot about SEO from Wealthy Affiliate. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review and you too could learn the secrets to good SEO and how to generate free traffic


So you see it is entirely possible to make money online for free. If you be patient and let google work for you. Now I would suggest registering a domain as having your own domain instead of a free subdomain gives your site more authority and helps you rank faster and better. But you should never have to pay for traffic unless you choose to.

Work the strategies in this article and be patient and you will see results. Not immediately like we all want but over time your business will grow and get noticed.


Thanks for reading today. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments leave them below.

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