Clickbank University 2.0 Review 2019 – Is it Really Worth it?

Today I will be bringing you my Clickbank University 2.0 Review. Is it Really Worth it? Can they really teach you to make money online fast? Do they meet my criteria? Find out below. Keep in mind I am speaking as a paid affiliate and as such I will be linking to their landing page. Even if they don’t meet all the criteria they may meet the one that you are looking for so if that is the case feel free to click one of the links and go for it.

The Criteria…

Here is my criteria breakdown for Clickbank University 2.0. I will explain each in turn so bare with me

  • A Free option to try the product and help decide if it is worth pursuing – ????
  • Solid training that teaches to anyone and is step by step with no hidden info – ✔
  • Support that actually helps answer questions – ❓
  • A Solid Background and a good reputation – ✔
  • Tools to help you succeed from website design to research and beyond – ????
  • Incentives and Encouragement – ✔

No Free Option

So the first thing that bugs me about Clickbank University is the don’t offer any kind of free test. In order to get access to ANY of the training you have to pay. The pricetag is $47 just to start. What really gets my goat is they sell it like they are giving you a big huge cut in the price. The price was $47 a year ago and it still is. If you read my other review you know I am a bit testy when it comes to deception. Now don’t jump ship yet because we still have to check out the other criteria and maybe that will tip the scales

Ok so you have to pay up front. what is the training like? is it worth it?

Honest and simple answer is yes their training is absolutely worth it. They provide a multitude of training from teaching you to be an affiliate and sell other peoples products successfully to training you how to create your own digital product. That is definately worth a look. I do however wish they would provide more training on SEO and free traffic as not all of us have a budget early on. They do however help you leverage paid traffic options in some creative ways to help bring in lots of customers fast.

Clickbank University, I believe, is geared more towards opening doors for people with a bit of capital. Great if your are making a bit of money somewhere else then you can jump in here and have another stream of income while also leveraging their training for your other streams as well.

Is there any support to speak of?

Well to be honest I have not really fleshed this one out enough. They do have support. It isn’t really as good as I have seen elsewhere like on Wealthy Affiliate which I reviewed earlier this week. But it is there I have not utilized it yet so I will update this when I do.

Well what about background and reputation?

Ok so you know about clickbank I assume. If not then just do a search for it. You will see that they have a great reputation and have been around for a while. Clickbank University was developed and created by Clickbank itself. They wanted to create more income for their site so they decided to teach people how to make money using Clickbank which in turn gives them more users which equals more money. They definately are not a scam or a simple fleating system that will die out.

I definately see a bright future for them if they add some things to their training andf add some more useful tools.

If you are ready to give Clickbank University a try Click Here

Do they give you the right tools to succeed?

In their limited fasion I would have to say yes. They show you how to generate a lot of leads through paid advertising. They also provide you with tools to develop your own product. They don’t however have their own site builder or hosting company. You can’t buy domains from them and you have to find your own keyword research tool. Which means if you don’t already have a site or know how to get one up then you’ll have to find that on your own.

Are there an incentives or encouragement?

This I can safely say yes too. They definately want you to succeed and they encourage you with stories of real people who did just that. They do offer bonuses in the form of more info and free gifts to help you out. All in All they try to help keep you on the path to success because it is also more money in their pocket.

Now to conclude this review and tell you what I think.

Ok so you need to pay upfront and there could be more tools but they do have a good rep and their training is very useful. As I said before you will need some seed money to really apply their training so it might be better to start somewhere else like I did and jump in with Clickbank U when you have some money already coming in. I would say if I had to give them a grade it would be a B. They are legit and can show you how to make money online with affiliate marketing so that is a plus.

Do You Think Clickbank University is Right for You Click Here to check them out

If you have enjoyed this review please leave a comment about your experience with Clickbank U also feel free to check out my other review for Wealthy Affiliate HERE

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  1. Dane

    Hello Patrick, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. The online market of making money keeps increasing by the day and so there are so many people going into to. However most of them do not have the proper training required and clickbank have been one very effective means of training people to help them understand how doing business only is done and I must admit it really cool. But I feel clickbank is more suitable for people who are already good in business as it is more advance and not for newbies. My opinion, best regards.

    • admin

      Hello Dane,

      I totally agree with you. Clickbank U is definitely more geared towards more advanced users. Especially with their emphasis on paid ads and paying Instagram influencers. It is still a great program and definitely legit though which is nice in this age of many scammers. 

  2. Rodarrick

    Clibank university is really the home of knowledge and intensive training. If one could dedicate enough time to it, it is sure to yield such a positive result through their training. I have friends who have gone through this training at the clickbank university and they are well established today. Hence, the training is worth it. Though people may be skeptical because of their upfront charge but that does not mean anything as the training is well worth it. Thanks

  3. Henderson

    Well, I don’t use clickbank University for now because I am already on one programme but it seems like one can really jump on more than one affiliate programme and make the best of it. Seeing that there are so much tools and training to offer, I am really in for this one. It’s saddening though that there’s no free trial but then, if the training is worth it then why not?

    • admin

      Hi Henderson,

      Thanks so much for the comment. You are right that you can definitely leverage multiple systems for greater success. I also agree with your wise decision to work on one and then maybe later check out others. It is so important not to try and do too much at once because then you end up with a garbled mess. 

      You are also right that the training at ClickBank is worth the investment so a free trial isn’t really necessary I am just the guy who wants to see what it is like before I invest probably because I have been burned so much.

  4. John

    Thank you for making this cbu review. It really is all I need right now to make a good decision that can shape my future. I heard that it actually has a very good reputation for teaching students all they need to know to become successful working online. I thi k that this is a platform that I will personally like to try and thankfully, they offer really good support on the platform.  Thanks again!

    • admin

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad this review helped you. I wish you much success in pursuing your goals in the online business world

  5. Charles

    Thank you very much for this review, I do think one of the best ways to make money online is through click bank .i have for ones gone through their training resources, I must honestly state that it is content filled and indepth but somehow I still kind of prefer wealthy affiliate. 

    • admin

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the comment and your honest opinion. Clickbank is definitely full of enormous amounts of information. That said as was pointed out earlier a lot of their training is more geared towards people who are ready to invest a bit in paid ads. 

      That is why I started on Wealthy Affiliate. I plan on combining the two to make it even better. The SEO training and Free Website Traffic training at WA gives a good start and great long term potential while Facebook Ads and Google Adwords give quicker immediate results. Using the two simultaneously and learning how to make your own digital product on Clickbank is a definite recipe for multiple streams of income which means even more success

  6. Robert Trevor

    This opportunity seems to be quite a feasible option with some good points, and some bad points which I shall look at, as we decide if it is worthwhile.

    As someone who doesn’t have a lot of finances I think that this is a good deal for us, at this time.although the fee is not a great amount, I feel that it is more than I am prepared to pay.

    The tools that they give,do not appear to be of a high order,they don’t provide the site builder,or even their own hosting company,they can’t supply you with site domains,and you need to find your own keyword research tools.

    On the positive side, the training appears to be sound,they seem to be able to train one to be able to sell other peoples goods,and to be able to create one own digital product, as I said this idea is good, for those who have another income,but for those who,don’t it’s a bit expensive.

    Another good point is that they are a reputable company,and have been providing good service for a while,it seems to be a good way for making money, generally I think that this is on balance,a good proposition, for those who can afford it.

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