How to Change your Mindset and Change Your Life for Success

are you having trouble finding success? It is just a short read away. I want to show you how to change your mindset and change your life. Read On to learn how. It is not as difficult as it sounds. This will help you be more successful in life and business so it ties directly into the goal of this site which is to help you be successful online.

What is holding you back from achieving the success you want?

What is it that keeps us from achieving success? Well believe it or not the main thing that holds you back from success is you. I know it sounds cliche and probably a little crazy but before you click away give me a chance to explain. I promise by the end of this article you will understand.

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”
― Steve Maraboli

Lets look at an example. Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go from bad to worse. You get up and head to work but you get a flat tire then you get to work and you lost a client then your computer crashes and you lose an important document and everything seems to go downhill fast. What you don’t see is that guy who stopped to help you change your tire or the new client you gained that is actually going to make you more money than the one you lost, or the fact that once you get your computer back up you rewrite the document and it comes out even better. Life changes when you change your mindset.

In todays world we are almost programmed to focus on the bad

The media is always showing the negetive. Better ratings you know. We are always seeing bad things and that makes us focus on the bad. Think about it in any situation what is the first thing that comes to mind. Usually for me it was the worst case scenario. So how can we change? What are the steps you can take to learn how to change your mindset and change your life.

Step 1: Turn that frown Upside Down

I know it sounds corny but it really works. Instead of immediately thinking about the negetive turn it into a positive. If you miss that promotion at work instead of thinking “Man I am never going to get anywhere” fix that thought and instead tell yourself “Well I didn’t get it this time but Next time I’ll be better” it is all in how you think.

Trust me I have tested this theory extensively. I used to always see the negetive in everything until one day a few years back. I was as down as I could get. My family and I were homeless we had moved to Dallas and things just fell out from under us. We were living in our car and barely able to eat. For the first month I was litterally depressed irritable and scared. Then I was talking to a friend and she pointed out something that I didn’t see. My family and I had grown closer. My daughter was always looking at the bright side and we were all comforting each other. Even in that horrible situation there was something positive happening.

That changed my whole outlook and things just started becoming more clear. I started seeing the positive things that were happening. My wife got a job we were able to keep the car payments up through the generosity of others we never went hungry and we had a hotel room for most of the coldest nights. As I saw all these things clearer my whole world changed. I was happier despite the situation and our situation improved. We found an apartment and moved in. I went back to school like I originally intended when we moved to Dallas and even though that didn’t work out I found my current job and moved up the ranks quickly to where I am now second only to the owners.

In the past 2 years we have made trips to Sea World, Wrestle Mania, and Universal Studios. All because I changed my minset and focused on the positive.

Step 2: KNOW you can acieve Success

Speaking from personal experience one of the biggest things that holds us back from achieving success is we don’t think we can. We get into this mindset that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Look I could site here and name at least a dozen people who came from humble beginnings and are now billionaires but I am sure you know the names and have heard the stories. So I am going to ask a simple question. How are they different from you? Oh I am sure you have probably asked yourself that question on many occasions. You are probably thinking that they got lucky or had some hidden talent. The truth is they just had the right mindset. Remember the quote above changing your mindset changes your reality.

You have probably heard the phrase if you think you can then you can. It is said many ways but the truth is that in order to be successful you have to KNOW you can be successful. Believe that nothing can stop you, that you are already successful and watch your reality change with it.

My parents always told me I could be anything I wanted. The only reason I am not is because I didn’t believe them. I thought the way we have all thought that I am not good enough or I don’t know what they know. Knowledge can be gained and each and every one of us is capable of doing anything we want as long as we believe we can.

Tying this all back to this website and its goal…

Ok so now perhaps you already see how this ties in with a website abount affiliate marketing. Let me draw a line for you. Affiliate Marketing is a path to success. It is the path I have chosen because it will allow me the freedom I want. If you want the same freedom look over my other posts check out this website and find the program that works for you. If you want to learn how to become a affiliate read my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE

if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment I read them all and will respond

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  1. Henderson

    Hello Patrick, thank you for this nicely done post here. Honestly I am very inspired and now I can see why you have said that only I am the source of my own success once I can change my mindset. It’s a very good one honestly and I have to change my mindset too. The way you have made use of real life case studies to strengthen your point is really awesome. What do you think about mantras as a help to changing ones mindset?

    • admin

      Hi Henderson,

      Thank you for your comment and I am glad you got something from the post. My greatest accomplishments are not measured in how much money I make but in helping others. 

      As to your question Mantras or Affirmations are always helpful in changing your mindset. I would encourage you to do whatever helps you. We all have a lifetime of programming to overcome and it is hard sometimes so I would say search online for positive affirmations for success and pick out ten or write some yourself and then read them out loud 2 to 3 times a day at least. 

      I wish you much success


  2. Rodarrick

    It is true that with a proper mindset comes success. Unless your mindset can achieve it, nothing else can be done to achieve success and that is the reason I am giving much considerations to this article. Having a positive mindset would help us see the worst case scenario as the best that could ever happen to us. And that all we could need is just to maintain being ourselves and work harder. Positive feeling with a proper mindset would give the feeling of capability that the best is achievable. Thanks

  3. Dane

    A very useful tip which can help make things fall in place you have given here. So far, I have come to understand that when the mind of an individual is not giving the right vibe about a situation or thing to be done, 80% times it doesn’t end well. We have often got a nad result of out of our negative energy towards that thing. Going by the tips you have given to change ones mind, first I love the idea of turning a frown, having a smiling face is one important means to changing our entire mood to something and when you believe you can achieve success, success would be waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Nice being here.

    • admin

      Hi Dane,

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad that you found the tips helpful. I put so much of myself into my writing that it is nice when people get it. Learning to change your mind is difficult but it is so essential to changing your life and achieving success that I had to put this post up

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