Affiliate Marketing Secrets You Need to Know

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

How can you make a full time income as an Affiliate Marketer? What is the best way to grow your business? Find out with these Affiliate Marketing Secrets.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put affiliate marketing is the art of being the middle man. Affiliates are basically cheap advertising for companies selling products. By that I mean if they were to pay for ads then they may get lots of sales but they would also pay lots of money for ads. Whereas they ‘hire’ affiliates who then drive traffic for them and they only get paid when someone buys. It cuts the risk.

Our job as affiliates is to sell the product. We create the ads or drive sales from our website. Then we get a percentage of the sale. This makes it a Win-Win for us and the company. We get commissions and they get sales. The question on everyones mind is can you be successful as an affiliate marketer.

The Key to Success in Affiliate Marketing

The Key to success as an affiliate is to drive as much traffic to the product as possible without over spending. This is the hard part. Now traffic is out there for sure but how do you get it. There are many different methods but I will only touch on the main three.

  1. Ads – This can be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc.
  2. Social Media – Post about the product and drive people to your affiliate link.
  3. SEO – Build a Website like this one with content and write reviews and articles including your affiliate link. The goal is to get as high in the google standings as possible for maximum success.

So how do you leverage all of these to make a full time income as an affiliate? Well there are different ways to utilize each of these methods and it can get a bit complicated at times but let me show you the best ways to get traffic and convert them to sales.

First Step: Build a Website

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Ok before we talk about Ads or Social Media we need to talk about building a website. You should always have a Website as an affiliate marketer even if people tell you that a website is not necessary any more. Let’s look at the reason why. Let’s say you decide to run your ads and point to a funnel (Which I highly recommend. More on the reason why in my section on ads) This can be a great way to get leads and sales.

But you are still missing out on sales opportunities if you don’t have a website. Why? It is simple some people who search in google would rather click on website links rather than ads. I personally avoid ads on google a lot of times because I know I am going to have to put my email address in and get more spammy emails and I don’t want that I just want the info I searched for. The only way to get that traffic is to do what I am doing now. Write content and let it rank. I recommend checking out the training at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about SEO they have great content. Plus you can join for free or take advantage of their low pricing for premium membership and dive right in.

Wealthy Affiliate

Second Step: Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Gaining a following on social media is also a great way to get more sales. Create a Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts for your business. Post all your website content there as well as other things relevent to your industry. Try to gain a following by engaging with other pages like yours and basically draw their customers to you as well.

Here is why this is so important. You need an audience. Gaining leads through your social media means that you have an audience who is buying what you ared selling. So when you post a new product that you are promoting then they may want to buy it. You know they are interested because they followed your page. Also facebook has a great ads system. You can even run campaigns geared towards getting likes on your page.

Third Step: Ads


Now that you have a website and you are utilizing Social Media. It is time to set up some ads. Here is where it gets complicated. Your website would be the logical place to send ads because that is where your content is that has your affiliate products. Well that is not where you want to send ads. At least not to your regular content anyway.

When people click on Ads they don’t want long engaging content. I found that out the hard way. I spent nearly $500 in ads driving visitors to my content. I got 0 conversions. That hurt bad. I almost gave up until I discovered the secret to making money with ads. And that is Funnels.

Affiliate Marketing Funnels

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of funnels just look at my own funnel above. It is probably how you got directed to this article unless you found it on google. I have several funnels that offer this article as a free gift. My first Funnel was a squeeze page that advertised Wealthy Affiliates’ Black Friday Deal. The main purpose was to not only drive engaged traffic to their offer but also to build my email list which like social media followers are somewhat engaged audience looking for what I am selling.

Here is why Funnels work so well with ads. If I am searching online as I said before I try to avoid ads but if I need something quick, like more training in affiliate marketing, I may click on an enticing ad. What I don’t want when clicking on an ad is a long winded article like this one. I will either find that with organic search or read it if it is givn as a free gift. What I do want is to know up front and rather quick if the product or service at the end of the ad is what I need.

This is where the funnel comes in. Quick consise wording to let me know if I want to move forward. Usually the first step is an email capture then you go to the product. Always capture the email for future communication. Also a free bonus or gift is a nice enticement. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Like this for example. I offer a link to this article for those who join my list. This isn’t anything too special but something they may not have found on their own.

So point your PPC ads to a Funnel and then you can get the most bang for your buck because not only can you hopefully sell them your product but you can also email them about new products in the future. If you want to learn more about creating funnels and building an email list check out ClickFunnels. You can always make your own funnel from scratch by doing research online and making it work but I have found that the information you learn at clickfunnels is well worth the monthly price. They also offer a free 14-day trial so if you work hard you can make the money you need for your monthly premium before that trial is up and then you lose nothing.


This is all old news what is the real ‘Secret’?

The information I have provided is not really a secret. It is readily available information that you can find anywhere. So where does the ‘Secret’ come in. Well the secret is in combining these strategies into a well oiled machine that makes you money.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate they will tell you that the key to going full time is building a full website packed with awesome content and being patient letting Google do the traffic work for you. Work on SEO and get yourself ranked on page 1 and then watch your business take off.

On the other hand when you join ClickFunnels they will regail you with the benefits of using funnels and how the traditional website is going the way of the dinosaur and you don’t need a website any more you can make enough money just using funnels.

They are both right. You CAN make a full time income off a website by getting ranked in google and using adsense and affiliate offers to generate a great living. Also, you CAN make a full time income by setting up eye catching funnels and using autoresponder follow-ups and email marketing.

But, why not have the best of both worlds. Set up a website and create content while using the tools at wealthy affiliate to learn and grow. While you are building that business and working on getting to that highly sought after google page 1, take advantage of clickfunnels power for more immediate results. Now you are bringing in enough money to cover both subscriptions and even making extra. Soon you see enough money from clickfunnels to be full time. Now you have accomplished your goal. Then your website starts to rank in Google and you are getting a new influx of visitors and your getting a new stream of income almost on autopilot.

Is this really the right path? What are the experts doing?

If you click the links in this article for wealthy affiliate you will notice that they are using a funnel to help you through the buying process. Also ClickFunnels has a blog/website that has articles just like this one gaining them authority on google and ranking them on page one for multiple keywords.

My conclusion is that I want to copy those who are already making millions. So I will utilize both strategies so that I can be a Super Affiliate too. How about You? Are you going to settle for one way or the other or are you going to use both like me to make your own fortune online?

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  1. Andrew

    Great read. I’ve been considering clickFunnels. i’m still a beginner but I have heard good things. And I agree with you, traditional websites are still far from going “extinct” but other techniques to supplement sure couldn’t hurt. Thanks for the info. Im gonna go do some more research on funnels right now 🙂


    • Patrick

      Thanks for your comment Andrew. I wish you well in your research. You are right the traditional website is still a great way to make money. So is clickfunnels and numerous other programs. The key to success is multiple streams of income

  2. Alejandra

    Thanks so much for sharing a great article to know more about Affiliate Marketing Secrets everyone who is interested to start working from home should know.

    Your article is well written and I know it will help many to work better on their website to build a solid online business, I’ve been working on my own website for a couple of years and today it starting to make some money for me. As you well mention in your article I’ve been learning some secrets from people who already are making good money from their websites as I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate and I’m glad I did it, I get all the training and I get all the help I need to see my online business growing well everyday!

  3. Lucas Moore

    Thank you very much for this post.  Sometimes the only way affiliate marketers make their money is through a
      tiered commission structure where they get paid a small percentage of
     other people’s sales. This isn’t exactly affiliate marketing, but for
    some people, it’s all they can do. the use of social media is something i am learning now

    • Patrick


      Tiered commision structures can be a great way to make money. For people who are good at teaching others it is propbably one of the best ways. There is no one way to do it we are all unique. As I said in this post the key to success is combining different strategies in essence creating multiple streams of income

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