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Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing


I am here to help you make your dreams come true while simultaneously making my dreams come true. A Win-Win!

For me the essence of what I do is all about helping people. Within most of my articles and reviews are Affiliate links to products and services that will help people make their dreams of making money online from home come true. At the same time, I earn a commission every time someone clicks those links and makes a purchase.

So while I am helping people connect with ways to achieve their dreams I am achieving both of my main dreams in life. And that is to help people and become financially free so I can spend time with my family doing the things that we love. I call that the ultimate Win-Win.

Keep in mind that while I am getting paid to refer you to these products. I will never refer you to a product I feel is a scam or may not help you. There are so many legitimate programs out there that can actually help you earn money online that I feel confident I can refer you to them without compromising my morals. I have been suckered in way too many times by scams and unrealistic promises I would never expose anyone to that.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to find that easy button that allows me to make millions for doing nothing, but I don’t believe it exists. It takes time to build an income online so let’s stick with the legitimate ways to make money online by doing good old fashioned hard work and reaping the benefits in the long term rather than possibly making money fast and not being able to sustain it.

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How can Affiliate Marketing Help You?

I want to show as many people as possible how to achieve true financial freedom. Why? Simply put I know how hard the everyday grind is. I know how you feel because I have felt that way. The only way to break that cycle is to generate passive income that doesn’t require you to continuously put in work to achieve measured results. That is what affiliate marketing does. With normal jobs or even brick and mortar businesses you constantly have to put in work in order to achieve results. With Affiliate Marketing you don’t.

Now don’t get me wrong you will have to put in work but it is easier to scale your business in the online market. For example say you launch a new retail store. You need to constantly be advertising and running incentives just to bring in customers. Then you physically have to be there to sell them or else hire someone to do that for you.

In online marketing the key is to create content like this which is permanent. You will still need to pull in customers, especially early on, with advertising. However, as your website grows and gets higher rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo you can slowly back off and allow the free traffic to filter in. Then all you have to do is keep your content fresh and let the content take care of the sales for you. In the long run it is the quality of your content that will determine how well you do so focus on that.

Why do companies use Affiliates?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a big Win-Win for a copmpany or program because it is more reliable than traditional advertising and it costs less. Let’s say you have a traditional retail store. In order to bring in customers you run ads in the paper online and posibly even TV. With these ads you pay per word/click/view. This is inefficiant because those are not guaranteed sales. You could spend thousands on advertising and still barely break even.

Now lets say you launch a brand new product and you start an affiliate program to promote it. Affiliates will join your program and do the advertising for you. You only pay them when the product sells. So the breakdown goes like this

Product A costs you $10 and you charge $20 for it. Let’s say for the sake of argument it is a digital product like an ebook. So you advertise on google and facebook and you spend $1000 for 2,000 clicks that is figuring low by the way. Out of those 2,000 say 10% buy your product.

  • 10% of 2,000 is 200
  • 200 * $20 = $4,000
  • You spent $10 on each Product so your profit is half of that = $2,000
  • You advertised for $1,000 leving you with $1,000 in profit after advertising expenses
  • You make $5 per sale

Now lets say you start an affiliate program and you pay them 20% commission which is a good chunk. So every sale they make they get $4 and you get $16. So let’s say your affiliates bring refer 2,000 people to your site and 10% of those buy.

  • 10% of 2,000 = 200
  • 200 * 4 = 800 your affiliates make $800
  • 200 * 16 = $3,200 you make $3,200
  • Each product cost you $10 so you make $6 per sale
  • 200 * $6 = $1,200 that is an extra $200 in profit over advertising

And it gets even better if you figure in most affiliate programs are digital trainings or ebooks that cost next to nothing to make. This is why people want affiliates to promote their products.

What is the upside for affiliates?

So now we see why companies want affiliates to promote their products. They make more money. Why should you become and affiliate. Honestly, you should become and affiliate for the same reason, to make money. Let’s look at the commission for my number 1 recmmended affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate pays $23.50 recurring commissons for referals from Premium Members. Starter members make $11.75 per referal. So if you make 20 referals per month it adds up quick

  • 20 * 23.50 = $470 for month 1
  • 20 * 23.50 = $470 + another $470 from the 20 who payed their 2nd month = $940

You can see how this scales quickly

  • for month 3 $470 + the $940 from recurring subscriptions = $1410

And this is with just 20 referals per month. As you build out your site and start getting ranked in google you could see thousands of visitors per month

  • 1,000 visitors * 10% clickthrough = 100 people clicking through to the offer
  • 100 people * 12% conversion = 12 new signups

Now what happens if you rank on page 1 and get 10,000 vistors

  • 10,000 visitors * 10% clickthrough = 1,000
  • 1,000 people * 12% Conversion = 120 new signups * $23.50 = $2,820 in commissions

and that is just one program. You can build a website around many different products and services. So you can see the advantage here. The best thing is Wealthy Affiliate also helps you build websites to promote other products not just their own. So by joining Wealthy Affiliate and promoting their site you can also learn strategies to promote thousands of products and make even more money

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